Favourite 0-6 Month Baby Products

One of the most enjoyable things about being pregnant aside from guilty free eating was shopping for the baby. I spent countless hours on the internet reading product reviews and adding scores of items onto my virtual wish list.  I have now become slightly obsessed with baby products, whether its a gadget to help mama’s life a teeny bit easier or something that will keep the baby entertained.

Luckily my enthusiasm for reading the numerous reviews paid off as the majority of the goods we bought did not disappoint. I wanted to share the ones that I have found the most useful and what both baby L and I have thoroughly enjoyed from 0 – 6 months.


1. Mamaroo by 4moms

Not an ordinary swing or bouncer, the mamaroo has integrated calming sounds and a variety of rocking simulations such as a car ride or ocean wave. You can even hook up your ipod to play some of baby’s favourite tunes while rocking away. Baby L loved this bouncer from birth and helped calm her while I did the cooking or cleaning. I also love it’s sleek design and that it is not a huge eye sore in the living room.

2. Jumperoo by Fisher Price

This product unfortunately is a huge eye sore when it comes to blending in with the interior decor, however baby L loves it so we put up with it’s garish design. She is growing like lightning speed and these days she enjoys being more upright and mobile. It feels more secure than a door bouncer and has lots of colourful activities for little hands to fiddle with.

3. Sophie La Giraffe

This little teether has won numerous baby product awards for a reason and I can see why, its easy for baby to hold and chew on and baby L favours this teether over all her other ones.

4. Lappin by Doudou et Compagnie

Baby L was gifted this doudou (comforter) by a friend, it is amazingly soft and she loves rubbing her face into the fur and falls asleep so much quicker with it by her side.

5. Skwish Manhattan Toy

When baby L was just discovering toys, many were difficult for her to grip. The Skwish is designed perfectly for tiny hands and the bright colours are attractive for little baby’s blurry eye sight.

6. Aden & Anaïs XL swaddling blankets

I’ve used these blankets as a breastfeeding cover, pushchair/stroller cover for the summer, a crib sheet, burping cloth, changing mat as well as swaddling in the early months. I have other similar muslin clothes but they do not compare in quality or softness. Even after numerous washes they still look like new; my other ones have faded and are covered in cloth bubbles!

7. Mamas and Papas baby snug & play tray

When baby L turned 3 months old I wanted to get her a support seat to help strengthen her neck while she was in a upright position. I intended to get the Bumbo which is what my nephew had but I instead went with the snug after reading some reviews online. What I like about the snug over the Bumbo is that it is sold with a tray and has a removable insert for an older baby to use. I initially bought the sung without the play tray but I’m sure glad I bought the extra attachment as it is probably baby L’s favourite toy. She loves chewing on the textured flower and bashing the squeaky bits, but most importantly she is kept entertained throughout all of our dinners!  We have just started purées once a day and we’re using the snug as a feeding chair since I have not yet purchased a highchair, it works perfectly fine for now.

8. Ergobaby Carrier

This has been a life saving product and is definitely a must have for all new parents. We used this carrier from birth with the infant insert and despite baby L now weighing over 7kg (15 pounds) It is still very comfortable to use. I also have a ring sling but the Ergobaby is far more structured, with padded shoulder straps and the waist strap helps carry a lot of baby’s weight on the hips. It also has pockets on the front for a wallet and phone and a cover to support baby’s head when sleeping. Thankfully baby L never had colic and rarely cried when she was an infant and I truly believe it was due to us using the carrier and having constant body contact. Now we are dealing with teething and the “wonder weeks” where she cries a bit more than usual but as soon as she’s in the Ergobaby she calms down immediately. This carrier has been our saving grace because it really is comfortable to wear all day and still allows us to get on with daily activities.

9. Boon Naked Folding Bath

Initially we started off with a standard baby bath which was a hassle to use and took up space in our tiny bathroom. We were then gifted with this Boon folding bath which makes bath time so much easier and fun for both me and baby. It folds flat which makes storing nice and compact, it also allows for half of the bath to be raised when bathing the baby giving much needed head support.

10. Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Massaging Oil & Balm

When baby L hit 3 months she went through a sleep regression, waking up every 2-3 hours when she previously slept at least 6 hours straight. I introduced baby massage into our night time routine which helped her relax before bed. It was the clever naming of this product (“sleep tight”) that drew me to buying the combo, I’m not 100% sure if it works but the scent is amazing and baby L loves her massages.

11. Weleda Baby Skincare

When I was preparing my hospital bag, one of the requirements was to bring baby bathing soap and cream. There are so many products out there and I wasn’t sure which brand to go for, but like any new mama I was worried about using anything with harsh chemicals. Weleda baby products are sold at my local health food store and after trying them out on myself I fell in love with the scent and have been using the line on baby and myself ever since.

12. Bumgenious reusable cloth nappies/diapers

Even before I became pregnant I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies/ diapers because I’d read about the many chemicals that are put in baby and women hygiene products. It takes over 200-500 years for a single nappy/diaper to decompose which means our landfills are full of them. I know the extra step of having to wash them is not for everyone but my inner hippy self wanted to make a difference even if its just a small one. After reading many forums, the brand Bumgenious seemed to have the best reviews so I went ahead and invested in 24 colourful nappies/diapers. I am so happy with the decision to use these because not only do we save a fortune on disposables, they are also extremely easy to wash and use and look great underneath dresses.

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Well hello there! I know I know I’ve been M.I.A for ages, what can I say life just got in the way with work, travels, family etc etc. Anyway enough of the excuses I’m back on here and hopefully I will be a bit more active.

So the main reason for finally getting a post up is because I’m feeling quite inspired to share what will hopefully be an additional feature on my blog – Baby & Kids. Yes you read that right, I am expecting a beautiful bundle of joy soon (in 2 months to be exact) and I have been so excited about all things baby related.

I recently posted a picture on my instagram of the space that I am working on for Baby L, its still a working progress but my ideas are notably inspired by modern, scandinavian design.

Here is a sneak peekphoto

I thought I’d also share one of my favourite kid’s online stores, if you like modern/ scandinavian kids design you will adore this website!

Image from the modern babyCapture d’écran 2013-10-11 à 14.34.38

If you know of any other online stores like the modern baby (preferably European based) please let me know. :)

Travel series | Martinique

Since I have been reminiscing about getaways in the sun, bathing in turquoise waters and lying beneath beautiful palm trees… basically anywhere but grey rainy Paris! I decided to update the travel series with previous voyages as well as places I hope of visiting.

I journeyed to the French Caribbean island of Martinique in June 2008 and it was one, if not the best vacations I’ve ever had.

This first photo is of a private beach of the Hotel Bakoua in Les Trois Islets, south-west of the Island. We went just before the start of the school vacation which meant zero crowds, peace, tranquility and deserted beaches.

North of the Island is the region of Saint Piere which was the former capital city. Due to the volcanic eruption of Mount Pelee, most of the older buildings have been burnt down, leaving the town with many ruins and black sand beaches.

Anse Céron.

Martinique has endured many hurricanes and the evidence is clearly seen at Cap Macré. The trees were left in wind swept formations and large rocks were scattered all along the beach.

Although these pictures look serene and peaceful, the Atlantic ocean on this side of the island was actually quite rough and had extremely strong tides (not ideal for a non-swimmer like me!)

Forte de France, the capitalMartinique’s cathedral of Saint-Louis in Forte-de-France.

Traditional Martinican dresses

Anse Dufour

Saline Beach, Saint Anne

One of the most memorable places we visited in Martinique was Le Jardin de Balata, a spectacular botanical garden with the most amazing views. The garden has a vast collection of tropical plants from around the world and is a photographer’s dream, I took over 1000 shots here alone.

Oh to be back there!

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